Client Support Materials

The Client Support Area includes additional information that may be of interest to clients. Information you will be able to find in this area includes: technology guides, presentations given at various events, carbon management plans. general guidance documents and various Salix update guides. These documents can only be downloaded by users working for public sector bodies. If you would like to access these, please register and select the option to request access. Documents are displayed with the most recent first.
Project Assessment Process Map Document showing a typical project assessment process map
CTL061 - How to Implement Rapid Roll Doors Carbon Trust document with guidance on rapid roll door projects
Salix SEELS 5 Workshop - Afternoon Presentation Presentation given for the three Salix SEELS 5 workshops.
Internal Loan Agreement Internal loan agreement terms and conditions
University of Surrey Lecture Theatre LED lighting project Presentation on the installation of LED lighting as replacement for PAR lamps.
Cardiff Council and Salix Finance Short background on Cardiff's history with recycling fund and SEELS Salix schemes and projects
University of Strathcylde Presentation - Salix Regional Meeting Feb 2012 University of Strathcylde Presentation from the Scottish regional meeting in February 2012.
Financing Energy Efficiency Manchester Summary v1.1 Sep 2010 Report on a Workshop held at the University of Manchester on the 14th July 2010
Subsequent Claim Form Subsequent Claim Form
Sheffield ICT Footprint Commentary Final An Excel tool which is designed to help Further and Higher Education (FHE) Institutions estimate the in-use energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint of their non-residential ICT usage.