Client Support Materials

The Client Support Area includes additional information that may be of interest to clients. Information you will be able to find in this area includes: technology guides, presentations given at various events, carbon management plans. general guidance documents and various Salix update guides. These documents can only be downloaded by users working for public sector bodies. If you would like to access these, please register and select the option to request access. Documents are displayed with the most recent first.
Subsequent Claim Form Subsequent Claim Form
University of Surrey - Heat loss from pipes experience Client presentation on initiatives taken to reduced losses from heating pipework
Torfaen Council - LED Lighting Upgrade Experience Torfaen Council - LED lighting upgrade experience - Pontypool
University of Cambridge Experience with LED lighting Presentation detailing their experience with LED lighting as a replacement for MR16 and GU10 lamps.
Fund Planning and Utilisation A short guide to provide guidance on the on-going management of the Recycling Funds with a view to maximising possible spend year-on-year.
Sustainable Street Lighting in Gloucestershire Presentation detailing their various sustainable street lighting projects and their planned projects going forward.
How to get the best out of SERS reports A quick guide on how to get the best out of the SERS reporting function.
ICT Brochure - Internal Marketing ICT Brochure-Internal Marketing
Internal Loan Agreement Internal loan agreement terms and conditions
ISP Claim Form ISP client claim form