Funding available for Maintained Schools

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Funding available for Maintained Schools

In 2018, Salix and the Department for Education launched a new £25m fund for maintained schools looking to install energy efficiency measures.

The aim of the fund is to support schools that are looking to lower their energy bills, reduce emissions and create a more comfortable learning and working environment for both pupils and staff.

Salix is expecting to work with many more schools and has funding available to invest in carbon reduction projects all year round. More information and steps to apply can be found here.

How does it work?

One maintained school in Manchester wanted to set an example to their pupils and other institutions that energy efficiency improvements can be installed without a large capital output, whilst significantly driving down the energy bills of the school.

Parrs Wood High School, a specialist technology college with over 1,800 students used £236,853 of interest-free funding from Salix to reduce their energy costs per pupil and implement multiple energy efficiency projects including lighting upgrades, a building energy management system and automatic doors.

As a result, the school has saved an estimated 286 tonnes of CO2 per year and a lifetime financial saving of around £636,097. The amount Parrs Wood High School was spending on their energy bills has decreased by around £38,437 which they are now able to channel into other areas of the school budget.

Mark McElwee, Headteacher of Parrs Wood, said: “The Salix scheme has not only saved the school energy and money, but the willingness of the Salix team to work with our student leaders who planned the improvements has made each project a tremendous educational experience. Parrs Wood and Salix finance have forged a great partnership over the years, and we look forward to working with them on further projects in the future.”

Looking to the future

Parrs Wood High School boasts its very own CO2 team made up of sixth form students with a keen interest in sustainability. The team is led by physics professor and energy manager, Chris Baker, and meets on a weekly basis in the science classroom.

The team wrote the application for the Salix loan themselves, including the savings calculations, reviewing the best placed energy efficiency technologies for their school and acquiring quotes for the implementation of the technologies.

They also met with Salix and the Department for Education to present the impressive work they have been doing to reduce the carbon footprint of their school and many of the team plan to go on to study sustainability-related subjects at university.

Students at Parrs Wood said: “We joined the C02 team to make a positive impact on the environment (before it’s too late!) and gain real life work experience in school. It is very interesting work, and also enjoyable working in the team.”

Further case study examples can be found on the free knowledge share area of the Salix website.

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